Get To Know Us

The Christ Centered Retreats organization is made up of a group of Christian women who have faithful servant hearts. We spend time with one another keeping each other encouraged in prayer, in spiritual reading, and in sharing life experiences through words and deeds. We actively seek opportunities to minister to each other and to those who desire our help.

All of us are learners and teachers of the Word. We volunteer our time and talents, sharing lessons and testimonies, music, crafts, smiles, hugs, and tears. We enjoy activities together including brunches, craft and movie nights, game nights, and our wonderful retreats. These events provide the perfect venues to get to know each other, our purposes, and how the Lord is working in our lives.

Each person in our organization has a story to tell that spreads the light of God’s directionbible_heart and intervention in her life. In this little group are women who have overcome violence, abuse, and addictions; women who have grieved over stillborn babies, miscarriages, errant children, betrayal, and the death of a spouse; women who have survived cancer and those who area gracefully living with disease and decline; women who have given hands-on care to aging parents and those who have made tough decisions for extended care – each honoring God in what they do and how they interact with each other and with newcomers.

Sure they have had their bad times; felt the darkness that can surround us; and made mistakes. But, they always know there is someone within the group who is praying for them, encouraging them, and finding time to fellowship and share hospitality. Cards, notes, phone calls, visits, lunch – they know they can lean on each other as they all depend on Christ.

Did we mention the hugs? Someone once said you need about 12 hugs a day to overcome the stress and challenges of each day – not just the little sideways-arm-around-the-shoulder-pat-pat-hug – but a HUG, one of those full-force-bear-squeeze-can’t-breathe-hugs that lets you know you’ve been hugged!

Each person in our organization has a story to tell…

The group’s cohesiveness is the key to its open arms! We welcome someone new – struggling, strong, sweet, sour! It doesn’t matter. Together we seek the Word as we mature in the Lord. We apologize when we mess up. We share when we shine and when our God has used us in amazing ways. We’ll share our stories when you want to hear them; we want you to share yours.

Whether you are looking for ideas for developing your own retreats or seeking an opportunity to interact with other women growing in their faith, make time to get to know us.

Join us at an upcoming retreat!


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