Gift Wrapping At LifeWay

As a fundraiser for Christ Centered Retreats, we are offering gift wrapping at LifeWay Christian Store (at The Rim: SanAntonio Tx) in the afternoons and evenings between now and Christmas.  You can find us at the big table near the video and kids section!

We plan to use the proceeds from our gift wrapping efforts to help defray some of the costs for our upcoming retreat, “Let Me Say This About That” – The Wisdom of Solomon, to be held March 1-3, 2019; and to help with other expenses to keep our organization moving forward and growing.

We would like to thank the store managers and staff
who have been ever so helpful and encouraging with
project. It is so relaxing to work inside the store ,
meet new people, visit about Christ Centered Retreats,

-and have fun wrapping those gifts!

Did we mention that LifeWay Christian Store is a great place to browse for Christmas ideas! Find those gifts and let us wrap them up; You can’t make Christmas shopping much better than that.

If you don’t need us to wrap your gifts but still would like to help Christ Centered Retreats we do accept donations through our website at ChristCenteredRetreats.Org. You can find the Donate button at the bottom of the “Get To Know Us”, “Mission”, “Contact”, and “Registration” pages.






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