"Snapshots!" Retreat Postponed

Federal restrictions limiting group size informs decision to postpone retreat until fall.

Due to the current federal restrictions on group size and other regulations regarding health and travel, the “Snapshots!” retreat has been postponed until later this fall.

We are working with our friends at Silver Spur Guest Ranch, and all registrations/reservations will be “pushed forward” in time.

We pray that this announcement finds you all well, and blessed with the opportunity to serve others, in Jesus’ name and to God’s glory, during this time.

Take time to encourage those who are serving us such as: teacher’s trying to educate our children from virtual classrooms, medical staff overwhelmed with those affected, our government officials making the hard choices, cashiers who have no control over what is or is not on the store shelves, police officers doing what they can to help keep things calm and keep us all safe, and your elderly neighbors home alone watching this all unfolding through the eyes of panicked media reports.

You, too, are a “New Testament Woman” and your “Focus” is to bring glory to God, no matter the circumstances. Take your own unique “Snapshots!” during this time and you will create many unique stories and testimonies to share when we met in the Fall.

More information will be sent out very soon. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

In His Service,
Linda Pruski, Founding Director

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